$25,000 Reward offered by Sarah & Jacob's Family

10/1/14:   The family of Sarah & Jacob Hoggle today announced that a $25,000 Reward will be granted to a person and/or persons whose information is verified as providing information that leads to the safe return of Sarah and Jacob Hoggle. (If more than one person provides verifiable information at the same time, the money divides equally. Should more than one person provide verifiable information, the money shall go to the person whose information leads to Sarah and Jacob Hoggle's whereabouts first. The reward may be cancelled at the discretion of the family. If funds for the Reward are unused, all donations over $500.00 are to be returned, if the donor is traceable. If not, unused funds are to be donated to a college fund.)

Photos of Sarah & Jacob

We have been asked to provide more photos of Sarah & Jacob so that people will have a better feel for what they look like.  The following are a collection of family photos of Sarah and Jacob. (Click the button below to view the photos)

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