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At the end of the day...

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Just like everything I have done since September 7th (when Jacob disappeared) and September 8th (when Sarah disappeared)—“if it helps bring Sarah and Jacob home – I will do it.” I am Lindsey Hoggle—Catherine’s mother, Sarah and Jacob’s grandmother. While pouring a cup of coffee this morning, my eyes happened to land on a small sign in my kitchen—and the message I need to share. It is a small plaque from a friend entitled “At the end of the day only kindness matters”.


It caught my eye because it was the subject of a random discussion a few weeks back. My 26 year-old son and a previous school mate of Catherine’s and I were standing in my kitchen talking. I had laid the plaque on the kitchen counter as it needed glued back together. Catherine and the babies (as I call them) had been at my house over Labor Day weekend (Sept 1, 2014) and Sarah picked up the plaque. When putting it back, it landed hard and broke. Catherine was a bit upset; I told her “it’s material and can be replaced. I will just glue it back.”


What happened as my son, Catherine's friend and I stood in my kitchen didn’t impress me until this morning. Our “new normal” consists of developing searches, flyers and building “missing” awareness for my two missing grandchildren-Sarah (age 4) and Jacob (age 2). There are usually staples, strapping tape, duct tape and an assortment of other “campaign” materials in my kitchen. While we talked, my son picked up the duct tape, held the two pieces together, taped the back of the plaque with the duct tape and put it back on the shelf where it had been. While you could still see the crack, it was at least in one piece, rather than two; one less item on my “to do” list. We laughed at the simple fix pulled off effortlessly vs. my ongoing, procrastinating best intention of “going-to-glue-it-back-together”.


If only we tackled life’s problems in the same fashion – allowing the blemishes to show, patching wounds with duct tape so they do not lay open, and holding off judgment based upon appearance. Practicing kindness these days has a new meaning. These past 5 months have been full of frustration, anxiety, fear, anger, regret, tears, heartbreak.


What kindness is needed? To listen –that we need details pulled together to find Sarah and Jacob. Catherine had a plan (pieced together after this situation occurred) to take the children and “disappear”- to escape complex psychiatric treatment. Two loving children with a mentally ill mother still deserve us to search for someone that may have them.


~Lindsey Hoggle (Grandmother to Sarah and Jacob)


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Photos of Sarah & Jacob

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Help Us Find Sarah & Jacob Hoggle

Sarah and Jacob Hoggle have been missing since September 8th, 2014.

This site is being run by the Hoggle Family to help co-ordinate efforts to find them and disseminate information about the search and how the public can help. 

Friends of Hoggle Family start page

Friends and neighbors of Troy Turner, father of missing Montgomery County toddlers Sarah(4) and Jacob Hoggle(2), are asking the community to remember the family during this holiday season.   Read the full Press Release here or make a donation at the GoFundMe Page


One of the keys to finding Sarah & Jacob is to let people around the country know that they are missing. How many times have we heard about missing children who have been taken from their families and were taken to a different part of the country where they lived in plain site of their new communities. We need your help !! Many of us travel to different parts of the country during the holidays. Before you travel print-out some copies of the flyer and post them in public places around the country.  Among the good places to post them are: highway reststops, sports arenas, religous buildings (especially during the holidays), school buildings, etc.

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